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Meet the WG - ANPEPP - EnTCC


Meet the Working Group (WG) - ANPEPP

The theories and interventions that make up the cognitive and contextual approaches are traditionally evidence-based. However, despite a robust scientific production and the growing interest they arouse, Cognitive and Contextual Therapies still have modest participation in undergraduate and graduate Psychology curricula in Brazil. In this sense, fostered by a group of graduate advisors, the 1st FBTC Doctors Meeting was held during the 2013 Brazilian Congress of Cognitive Therapies (CBTC), where potentially interested and eligible professionals were identified for the creation of the first Working Group (WG) on Cognitive and Contextual Therapies for the Symposium of the National Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Psychology (ANPEPP) in 2014.
The idea of a WG stemmed from the discussion about theory, practice and research on cognitive and contextual therapies among FBTC PhD members. The WG seeks to encourage Cognitive and Contextual Therapy researchers to join representative organizations, enhancing their integration and boosting the efforts of existing research groups. The WG was proposed under the coordination of Carmen Beatriz Neufeld and Vice-Coordination of Bernard Rangé and was approved for the 15th ANPEPP Symposium in Bento Gonçalves, in May 2014.

Aline Sardinha – IPUB-UFRJ
Angela Alfano Campos – UERJ
Bernard Rangé – UFRJ – Vice-Coordenador
Carmem Beatriz Neufeld – USP - Coordenadora
Carolina Lisboa – PUCRS
Eliane Falcone – UERJ
Hector Fernandez-Alvarez - FundAigle
Ilana Andretta – UNISINOS
Karen Szupszynski – UFGD
Laisa Marcorela Andreoli Sartes – UFJF
Leopoldo Barbosa – FPS
Marcele Carvalho – UFRJ
Maria Amélia Penido – IPUB-UFRJ
Mariangela Savoia – IPq-USP
Margareth de Oliveira – PUCRS

Margarida Gaspar de Matos – UNL
Maycoln Teodoro – UFMG
Nazaré Hayasida – UFAM
Neuciane Gomes – UFRN
Neuza Cristina dos Santos Perez – UFPI
Paulo Machado - UMINHO
Prisla Ucker Calvetti – UNILASALLE
Raphael Fischer – Estácio de Sá
Renata Lopes – UFU
Ricardo Padovani – UNIFESP
Suely Santana – UNICAP
Tamara Melnik – UNIFESP
Wanderson Souza – UFRRJ
Wilson Viera Melo – ITC-RS

III Encontro do GT em Maceió – 2016

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II Encontro do GT em Porto de Galinhas – 2015

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I Encontro do GT em Bento Gonçalves – 2014

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Meet the EnTCC

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Meeting: Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Focus (EnTCC) stemmed from an initiative of the members of the WG-ANPEPP: Basic and Applied Research from a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective. Its first edition took place as a satellite event at the 15th ANPEPP Symposium, in 2014, in Bento Gonçalves, RS, organized by Aline Sardinha, Carmem Beatriz Neufeld, Carolina Lisboa, Maycoln Teodoro and Janaína Pacheco. This event had the following goals: 1) to provide an opportunity for researchers in the field of cognitive and contextual therapies and related areas working in different WGs to meet; 2) to foster the collaboration between members of the WG Basic and Applied Research from a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective and members of other WGs; 3) to foster the creation of new WGs on cognitive and contextual therapies, directed to specific areas; 4) to foster teaching, training, and qualification actions in cognitive and contextual therapies, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.