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BTC Privacy Policy


The use of the website, any dissemination tool contained therein or association and registration at the digital portal of exclusive ownership and made available by the FEDERAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE TERAPIAS COGNITIVAS - FBTC, non-profit association, registered with the CNPJ under no. 02.780.749/0001-24, headquartered at Avenida Iguaçu, no. 525, room 603, Petrópolis, Porto Alegre/RS, CEP: 90.470-430, depends on the full acceptance of the PRIVACY POLICY terms set forth below.

The PRIVACY POLICY must thoroughly and attentively read, and any questions should be forwarded to the association through its communication channel, always before registering, associating, or accessing and using the website, otherwise full understanding and agreement will be taken for granted.


  • Users and/or members hereby declare to be aware that it will be necessary to collect some of their personal data for the proper use of the website, such as full name, date of birth, marital status, profession, taxpayer registration number (CPF), identity registration number (RG), home address, e-mail, and telephone number.

  • Users and/or members must necessarily be of legal age and undertake to declare only their personal data, never disclosing third-party data while using the website, and shall not be liable to FBTC in case of non-compliance with this requirement.

  • The information will be kept confidential, in a protected virtual environment. However, users and/or members declare to be aware that information such as their full name, email and phone number may be shared with third parties. service providers or sellers of products that have no corporate relationship or work with the FBTC but are interested in offering their services or products under special conditions for FBTC members, who will be occasionally contacted by them through such data, if they consider this to be relevant, without any prior request or authorization from the FBTC.

  • Users and/or members declare that they are aware that the purpose of shred personal data treatment will be the disclosure of special offers and conditions of services and products for members, as well as for internal checking purposes and profile analyses regarding the users of their digital portal, while maintaining anonymity and confidentiality.

  • Third parties with whom users/members’ personal data will be shared are listed on the website, as partner companies who chose to offer special advantages to FBTC members. As this list may change periodically, due to adjustments or termination of relationships, users and/or members are encouraged to check this from time to time.

  • Users and/or members may revoke the granting of their personal data on any time, always using a contact form available on the website. Nevertheless, FBTC will not be responsible for the use or contact through data previously shared with third party partners.

  • FBTC shall not be responsible for the loss of any user and/or member’s data, either by system failure, acts of God or force majeure, or even acts of third parties.

  • Users and/or members are responsible for taking care of the information registered on the digital platform and must always act with care and discretion when exposing their data, both in the physical environment they are in and virtually, relying on computers with software systems that are capable of blocking viruses and external hacking.

  • The FBTC, with no right to compensation or indemnity of any nature, will disclose any information that it has in its records when requested by the Judiciary, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Federal Police, Civil Police, notwithstanding any other body or institution with powers to demand the breach of confidentiality of users and/or members or in the case of protection of life, health and integrity of users or third parties, as well as for the regular exercise of rights.

  • In case of users and/or members’ death, their data will only be available to family members if previously authorized by the living user/member, specifically indicating the name and data of the person in charge, who should also produce a valid death certificate or a court order, if that is the case.

  • Users and/or members’ personal data may be checked through the website, which is why users and/or members must properly protect their passwords and their access using password-assigned digital devices.

  • In the case any of the users and/or members’ records are excluded by their own request, or in the case they are excluded from membership due to any other reason, the FBTC is free from any liabilities regarding the maintenance of data and information records. However, it cannot do anything about the data already sent to third parties with prior authorization from users and/or members in compliance with the terms of this privacy policy.

  • If a user and/or member is excluded, for the purposes of caution and any subsequent request, FBTC shall maintain data records in secrecy for six months. After that they will be duly excluded.

  • FBTC reserves the right to change the terms of its privacy policy at its sole discretion and judgment, at any time, only communicating its users and/or members about such change(s) through information made available on its website, and any continuity in access will represent unequivocal agreement with the amendments.

  • Any declaration of nullity or cessation of effects of any provision or provisions of this document will be given in a restrictive manner, not affecting it as a whole.

  • The terms of this privacy policy will be valid for an indefinite period.

  • The competent jurisdiction and venue to settle any disputes arising from this instrument shall be the Central Court of the District of Porto Alegre/RS (Foro Central da Comarca de Porto Alegre/RS), excluding any other venues.